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AMS MEMTECH focuses on the research and development of special nanofiltration membranes and ultrafiltration membranes with chemical and thermal stability.
Special ultrafiltration membranes and nanofiltration membrane products have been a major technological breakthrough since 2000, greatly promoting the extraction and recovery of inorganic compounds.
We have a complete membrane product line, including acid membranes, alkali membranes, and solvent membranes that are resistant to high pressure and high temperature. By saving raw material and wastewater treatment costs, improving product recovery rates, enhancing product stability in acidic/alkaline/solvent environments, and significantly improving environmental benefits, we aim to create objective economic and environmental benefits for customers in various industries.
The product is most suitable for industries with complex and extreme liquid environments, such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp, artificial fibers, surface treatment, dairy products, etc.

Product technology

The core technology team of AMS MEMTECH has over 30 years of experience in nanofiltration membranes and
Experience in research and application of ultrafiltration membranes, with decades of work experience in well-known overseas membrane companies
Experience. Our application technology development in various industries, through cooperation with engineering companies,
Promote the application of membrane separation systems in various industries in industry.

Product advantages

AMS MEMTECH products have more application advantages compared to other similar products in the following aspects:
. Stable chemical properties in extreme media:
The pH range is 0-14 and strong acids and bases that are not covered by pH, such as H2SO4 with a concentration of 20%
H3PO4, HCL, and NaOH and KOH with a concentration of 20%
.Various organic solutions (such as methanol, propanol, ethanol, acetone, hexane, tetrahydrofuran, ethyl acetate, methanol)
.Benzene, dichloromethane, acetonitrile, etc.)
.Stable tolerance to temperatures up to 80 ° C and operating pressures of 70 bar
.High metal retention rate
.Strong separability
.Large processing capacity
.Long service life
Please refer to the product content section for specific parameter introductions for each membrane model.

List of Roll up Membrane Products

Product Application environment Membrane model Interception molecular weight PH range
 Nanofiltration membrane Acid AN-1H 100  0 – 12 
AN-2H 200 0 – 12
AN-4H 400 0 – 12
Alkali BN-1H 100 3 - 14
BN-2H 200 3 – 14
Organic solvents SN-1H 100 2 - 12
SN-2H 200 2 – 12
SN-4H 400 2 – 12
Ultrafiltration membrane Acid AU-25H 2500 0 – 12
AU-10K 10000 0 – 12
Organic solvents SU-25H 2500 2 – 12
SU-10K 10000 2 – 12

Project development process

Step 1: Preliminary testing
By understanding the complete composition of the solution and the previous use of other filter membranes, we can conduct a simulation and provide
Predict the separation results as accurately as possible. Therefore, please make sure to fill out a report on the full composition of the material liquid when consulting the project
Table. This table lists a series of parameters required for membrane simulation measurements, based on which application development experts can
Provide you with a preliminary analysis test as accurately as possible.

Step 2: Laboratory testing
After completing the initial analysis, we suggest conducting further laboratory testing. We have multiple sizes of solid
Film inspection can be used for feasibility testing.

Step 3: Concept Verification
We work with clients to preliminarily evaluate business application cases and analyze the potential benefits of expected investment costs.

Step 4: Factory testing
Through cooperation with engineering companies, our partners will design and build a testing system for the client company.

Step 5: System installation and operation
Finally, the engineering company will assist in configuration to ensure the comprehensive installation and operation of the entire system.
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