Filter membrane knowledge

Filter membranes are thin films that act as separation barriers in liquid separation applications. Filter membranes control the rate of chemical element penetration and are widely used in the recovery and treatment of industrial wastewater and other acidic liquids. Composite filter membranes are typical products used for laboratory or industrial separation.
Since the 20th century, people have manufactured filter membranes using polymers or inorganic materials and successfully applied them to industrial treatment processes of different scales.
Composite membranes are usually distinguished by factors such as their surface chemical properties, main structure, morphology, and production method. The chemical and physical properties that enable particles to pass through or be intercepted, as well as the dynamic mechanisms by which they interact, constitute a typical membrane separation process. The most common driving forces are pressure and concentration gradients.
Composite membranes can also be classified by application industry and separation system. The most common composite membrane separation processes include water treatment, reverse osmosis, natural gas dehydrogenation, microfiltration and ultrafiltration to remove cell particles, removal of microorganisms from dairy products, dialysis, etc.
Polymer membranes are the most common filter membranes used in separation processes, but choosing which polymer to use is a complex process that requires professional technical support to ensure that the polymer has appropriate properties and characteristics for the industry it will be applied to. For example, polymers must be able to withstand extreme cleaning environments and be able to composite with specific membrane manufacturing technologies. Many polymers are obtained through transplantation, customized or produced into copolymers to improve their chemical properties.
AMS MEMTECH membrane is based on patented chemical technology, additional surface modification technology, and appropriate chemical treatment methods, presenting world-class quality and performance.
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