Environmental benefit

How to minimize the volume of industrial wastewater and recycle chemical resources in industrial production has become an urgent problem to be solved in all aspects of China's industrial production.

AMS MEMTECH  greatly reduces the volume of industrial wastewater and reduces environmental treatment costs through membrane separation technology; Simultaneously extracting and recovering acids, alkalis, solvents, heavy metals, etc. can help enterprises effectively manage resources such as chemicals, water, and energy, while increasing production and reducing treatment costs. Moreover, the strong stability and long lifespan of Hongbi filter membranes in extreme environments greatly shorten the replacement cycle of filter membranes, and also bring huge economic and environmental benefits to enterprises.

Acid mine wastewater is a high concentration acid solution rich in heavy metals. After the chemical reaction between this acid solution and surface water (such as rainwater, snowmelt, and pond water), shallow groundwater contains sulfur minerals and stones to form sulfuric acid. The heavy metals seeping out of rocks interact with acids, which may be significantly and continuously enhanced by the action of bacteria. And it may produce highly toxic liquids that mix groundwater, surface water, and soil, posing significant harm to humans, animals, and plants.

Membrane technology has been recognized worldwide, and its stable, easy to operate, and low-cost characteristics make it an advanced separation technology. Therefore, membrane separation technologies such as nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are increasingly used in dilution flow and Industrial wastewater treatment processes in mining and mineral processing.

AMS MEMTECH  filter membranes are capable of handling diluted streams and producing two types of liquids: clean filtrate and concentrated water for extracting and recovering inorganic substances (produced for certain specific applications). Despite the success of membrane technology, many fields have yet to benefit from advanced membrane separation technology due to the limited stability, limited choice, and low operational pressure (up to 40bar) of most filter membranes on the market.

In theory, industrial and wastewater streams in many industries can benefit from membrane separation technology. In practical applications, these fluids often have extreme environments that can damage filter membranes or organic solvent structures.

AMS MEMTECH aims to help factories reduce environmental pollution caused by mining wastewater and extract and recycle valuable industrial raw materials. After testing, the AMS MEMTECH filter membrane has been proven to be suitable for the treatment of existing tailings wastewater.
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