Alkaline durable nanofiltration membranes

AMS MEMTECH membranes are applicable to a wide variety of industries. Main applications for Alkaline durable membranes are:

  • Pulp and Rayon: cleaning of caustic liquors from hemicellulose and other organic contaminants allow up to 95% reuse of sodium hydroxide
  • Food, Beverage and Dairy: cleaning of spent caustic production line washing streams (CIP) and IEX regeneration solutions (in sugar decolorization operations) to allow up to 95% reuse of sodium hydroxide
  • Chemicals: numerous industrial applications for alkali recovery and end-product concentration in alkaline media production processes

The list of tested alkaline solutions include:

  • 20% NaOH
  • 20% KOH

Typical applications in this media include:

  • Recovery of spent alkaline streams (NaOH, KOH)
  • Recovery of metals from alkaline streams
  • Recovery of spent electrolyte solutions
  • Reduction of COD in industrial wastewater prior to neutralization
  • Recovery of bottle and equipment cleaning solutions
  • Aggressive cleaning of membranes in standard applications

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