Acid durable nanofiltration membranes

AMS MEMTECH core technology adds significant value in various applications and industries. One of the leading commercial applications is metal recovery, concentration and separation in mining applications.

AMS MEMTECH membranes can significantly improve metal yields from mining processing and waste streams. In particular Hongbi  products are able to improve:

  • Recovery of products from Raffinate (copper, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten, uranium, gold)
  • Concentration of metal in processing streams in order to reduce operating and treatment costs
  • Recovery of high-value metals from bleed streams and waste streams that deliver great value to mining companies
  • Pre-separation of copper and gold for efficient gold adsorption with carbon

AMS MEMTECH membranes can be operated in acid solutions to recover acids and simultaneously concentrate inorganic or organic ions or compounds. Typical applications in this media include:

  • Purification of acids from metal cations
  • Recovery of acids in leaching operations
  • Decolourization of mineral acids
  • Recovery of dissolved chemicals
  • Concentration and recovery of ions in acid streams
  • Aggressive cleaning of membranes in standard applications

Other non-mining applications include:

  • Chemicals: numerous industrial applications for acid recovery and end-product concentration in acidic media production processes
  • Food, Beverage and Dairy: purification of spent acidic CIP streams, used for production lines and equipment cleaning

The list of tested acid solutions:

  • 20% H2SO4
  • 20% HCl
  • 30% H3PO4
  • 4% HNO3

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